Association of Professional Financial Managers was established in 2005 and since its inception has been actively involved in projects related to the transition to International Financial Reporting Standards. Currently is the leading organization of the country with international accreditations and a wide range of experience, has been cooperating with the main governmental structures of Azerbaijan. APFM Supervisory Board members represent specialists from governmental, public and private sector.

APFM is the official coordinator of Eurasia Forum of Accountants and Auditors in Azerbaijan, which is already become traditional and has achieved the status of event of republic importance. The increase of number of countries participating in the forum proves that forum has already become very important event for accountants and auditors of Eurasia. Due to support by organizations of public importance, ministries, state and commercial organizations of the Republic, this event, taking wide range, has become more favorable, efficient event of international importance.
APFM also coordinate delegation from Azerbaijan represented in International Forums held around the world.
Beginning from 2013, APFM issue the magazine "FINANSIST" which provides information about the most important financial and economic developments in the world. In addition to highlighting the importance of financial matters there are also sections dedicated to the teaching of the subjects such as IFRS, Financial Management, Auditing Standards and others.

As our main mission is development of accounting profession, through implementation of international standards, we also maintenance continuing professional development system and membership processes. Our goal – is training and regular improvement of our members with international status through application of international standards of profession and qualifications in Azerbaijan. APFM offer its members benefits and advantages like CPD, training and seminar, information exchange, round table discussions not only in Baku and in regions of Azerbaijan, also in abroad as well.

Infosystem-LINK, official educational center of APFM, has been performing successfully in the direction of business education as accredited regional center of international professional organizations in Azerbaijan.

We gain the confidence of our Customers and Partners and try to protect unique competition priorities of our services by providing services meeting high quality standards. Our organization – first of all, is the working group trying to improve its professional knowledge and development. Each member of the team makes his/her gift of him/her to development and well-being of common work.
The teaching for us – is the most important and valuable factor in development of personality and career development. It is possible to reach the goals set forth and realize own desires only through regular professional development, because, efficient teaching is the way leading to perfection.
The Center has the auditoriums meeting international standards, supplied with technical equipment for conducting trainings in high level and the rooms allocated for preparing and printing methodical materials, as well as for administrative purposes. In order to conduct the trainings in more independent atmosphere, mobile schools are also organized in suburbs of Baku away from the center

The center – has wide relations with professional organizations, well-known in international level, having important experience in preparation, improvement and provision of high quality professional trainings. Teachers and consultants – are group of professionals, that have been trained on the international programs in the field of accounting, audit, finance, management, tax and law, mastered the qualifications, having accreditation and improving regularly in accordance with the new teaching standards. Teaching programs have been approved by the education quality committee of Great Britain (QCA).
Our corporate policy based upon responsibility, individual approach, mutual respect and support principles – realizes obtaining high indicators in a short period.